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  • Consider staff costs;
  • Consider cost of machinery, building, etc. Many large companies will have a standard 'cost per employee' (possibly for each department) which factors in the overheads;
  • When using external resources (printers, illustrators, translators, etc.) get quotes or competitive bids; make sure these are all-inclusive;
  • Consider cost of paper/binders etc. Cannot consider these as 'free' just because they are in the stationery cupboard.
  • Consider printing costs (usually per sheet).

When considering the amount of time the job will take, consider similar jobs carried out before. Costs may be per page (or pages per day - five pages per day is not unreasonable), so need to have a good idea on the number of pages to be produced.

Controlling costs

  • Ensure costs captured at every stage, and budget reviewed (and if necessary amended).
  • Use time sheets to capture hourly costs
  • Check actual against plans and budgets
  • Use historical data to keep plans accurate.
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