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TechWriter Wiki is a free resource, provided by one Technical Writer for the benefit of other Technical Writers. If you found it useful as an on-line reference and want to show your appreciation, or if you have heavily 'leveraged' it (for non-commercial use - it is copyrighted!), I am more than happy to take donations (say, $1.00 for the use of a section, or the price of a coffee to show your general appreciation).

I didn't get paid to put this together, and although it was originally intended for publication as a hardcopy (i.e., sellable) manual, that will probably never happen now. I also have server costs and copious cups of coffee to pay for, so all assistance is gratefully received!

I can currently receive donations via:

Should you wish to make a more extravagant donation, or want to leave me something in your will, please contact me directly via  ;-)

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