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The TechWriter Wiki is an on-line resouce for Technical Writers. It was conceived initially as the Documentation Consultant's Desk Reference, a hard-copy technical writing manual, which in turn was borne out of a set of revision notes for the City & Guilds 5360 course in Technical Authorship.

The TechWriter Wiki (in common with many Wikis) is very much a work in progress. Some sections need writing, some need completing, and most need proof-reading.

The TechWriter Wiki is not a public wiki (in that it is not freely open for editing). Instead, it is a personal wiki developed and maintained by Dirk Manuel, a freelance Technical Writer and Documentation Manager.

Although visitors cannot directly edit the articles in this wiki, they can make comments on any page via the comments tab shown at the top of every page. Because the ability to create a Userid has been disabled, comments will be anonymous, unless the contributor chooses to enter their name and/or e-mail address. Should the comments pages be subject to spamming, access will be removed again.

For comments or questions, please e-mail

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