Oracle release UPK 12.1

Oracle have officially released User Productivity Kit 12.1 (12.0 was never released – the previous release was 11.1). This introduces some interesting changes:

  • Print Areas can be defined for thumbnail images in printed documents (previously the Action Area was used).
  • It is possible to define image overlays for all or selected screenshots within a Topic (for example, to place a watermark or on screenshots or to mask out information). This is non-destructive and can be removed.
  • Customization of the Player appearance is now much easier through the use of Skins.
  • Web Pages have been enhanced to allow much more control over formatting – including nested lists and tables.
  • Style Sheets can be defined to control the format of Web Pages (similar to CSS).
  • Topics can be viewed directly from the Library, without having to be included in an Outline Element.
  • A new Pane called Derived From is available to determine which documents have been created by copying other elements.
  • It is now possible to search for Topics based on the captured Context.
  • Plus additional changes.

I guess I’ll need to write an updated version of my book…