Oracle release ESP4 for UPK 12.1

Oracle have released ESP4 for UPK 12.1 (bringing it to This looks like a consolidation of fixes/patches, and support for additional versions of various target applications. There does not seem to be any new functionality, but sometimes Oracle sneak in a few small functional changes, so further things may crop up. The Release Notes indicate the following changes:

  • Support Oracle Transportation Management smarthelp and recording
  • Support Firefox 52.0 ESR
  • Support Oracle Primavera P6 17.1
  • Support SAP GUI 750″
  • Index was out of range” error after checking in content and previewing
  • Fix permission for the HKCU/ORACLE/UPK registry key
  • ESP media packs created by Branding Generator cannot be installed
  • User Groups as criteria in Knowledge Center reports
  • Knowledge Center: System configuration error: Connection string is invalid
  • Knowledge Center: Error code #133 store data after termination
  • Knowledge Center: User import logs
  • Knowledge Center: Security configuration fixes
  • Knowledge Center: Custom reports display items in outline not linked in developer
  • Knowledge Center: Search results includes xml document from kcontent
  • Knowledge Center: HTML response codes in error messages
  • Knowledge Center: Support TLS1.2 only HTTPS servers in user import utility
  • Allow info blocks to be accessible in SeeIt! Mode
  • Knowledge Center: Setting content root to a network share: errors accessing content
  • Hotspot area size fix
  • “Swipe left to continue” captured in bubbles for users to advance
  • Action bubbles cut off when viewing player packages in chrome
  • Play.exe cannot find FF 52.5 ESR
  • Decision frame pop up is not coming up on Windows 10
  • Error during publishing to HTML website when using a section/module hierarchy
  • ADO SQL object could not connect to the specified source error in installer
  • Constraint exception caused by DB encoding issues in MS SQL server

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