Oracle UPK 12 Development book available now

OracleUPK12_CoverI am pleased to announce that my latest book, Oracle UPK 12 Development is now available from, Barnes & Noble, and all other good booksellers. It is available in both full-color print and in Kindle form. If you purchase the print edition from Amazon, you will get the Kindle edition free.

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  1. Shawn Simpson says:

    Looking for the turn around time if I ordered “Oracle UPK 12 Developer”. Barnes and Noble wouldn’t answer the question because you self publish. Truthfully need this self help book to maintain my job.

    • Dirk Manuel says:

      Shawn: It’s ‘Print On Demand’ so if you order it, it should be printed and sent pretty much straight away. Printing is done in less than 24 hours. I know Amazon (US) has it in stock and they’ll do next day delivery (in the US) if you are desperate (or free 2 day shipping for Prime members…). Thanks -> Dirk