Oracle UPK 11 Development Book

Oracle UPK  11 DevelopmentOracle UPK 11 Development is the second book on Oracle User Productivity Kit by Dirk Manuel. It is available from Amazon, CreateSpace, and all good booksellers.

Sample code

The book walks readers through the creation of a simple simulation, and builds on this throughout the book. You can download the sample simulation as it exists at each stage of the development process (typically, at the end of each chapter), here:

Download the sample files

The file is a single .odarc file that you can import into your UPK 11 Library via menu option Tools | Import | Documents. When doing so, do NOT overwrite existing documents, as the .ocarc file contains copies of the standard templates that may already exist in your Library.

The file includes the following content objects:

  • Changing your User Options (Chapter 2): Example Topic at the end of Chapter 2
  • Deleting a file (Chapter 2): Example of ‘drag-and-drop’ from Chapter 2
  • Changing your User Options (Chapter 4): Example Topic at the end of Chapter 4
  • Changing your User Options (Chapter 8): Example Topic at the end of Chapter 8
  • Responding to User Actions (Chapter 8): Example of ‘automatically’ responding to user actions from Chapter 8
  • Changing your User Options (Chapter 9): Example Topic at the end of Chapter 9
  • Name Forms: Web Page used in Chapter 9
  • Changing your User Options_Concept: Web Page used as Concept pane in Chapter 10
  • Glossary: Folder containing 8 glossary objects from Chapter 10
  • Changing your User Options (Chapter 11): Example Topic at the end of Chapter 11
  • SAP<Japanese Text> (Chapter 17): Example of Topic that has been translated/localized
  • Player: Customized Player deployment format from Chapter 16
  • System Process: Customized System process document deployment format from Chapter 16
  • Standard – English: UPK-provided Standard English template
  • GlobalSAP – English: Customized template from Chapter 16

If you have any problems with this file or its contents, then please contact the author at

Don’t forget to check out the UPK Wiki.

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  1. Mark Stanley says:

    I am trying to find the sample files to download on your website and they are not at the address you listed in your book. I bought the UPK 11 Development book.

    Where do I find the sample files?


    Mark Stanley